Republican presidential candidates smell like corndogs.

Republican presidential candidates smell like corndogs.


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    Hey look America! Everyone from Texas who’s involved in the teaching industry knows that Rick perry is a total cheap...
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    At least eat from the side when there are photographers around.
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    Like a true social conservative, Rick Perry really knows his way around a corn dog. No telling how he fares with airport...
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    I’m sensing a theme here. The Republican presidential candidates must have the absolute worst handlers politics has ever...
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    LMFAO!! Maybe this will please those upset with the Michele Bachmann photo??
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    Omg I love corn dogs. Fuck bro.
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    Even though this is Rick Perry I want a corndog real bad.
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    Now that’s technique. The Bachmanns could learn a thing or two from Rick Perry. (Corn dogs. The gift that keeps on...
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    It’s killing me how many of these corn dog pictures I’m seeing, right now.
  18. robertpatrick said: based on the empirical data, it appears that Republican presidential candidates have an acute oral fixation.