• Alex: hm for some reason i can't find that old email brett sent you about where to eat/drink in new orleans it seems to just be missing
  • Me: well he sent it to me so that might be the problem
  • Alex: haha you forwarded it to me didn't u??? or did i imagine that
  • Me: haha i did something insane and i printed it out and HANDED it to you
  • are you needing it
  • Alex: no not really i was emailing brett now to tell him to show juliet around and i couldn't remember the name of the place we watched football
  • but i looked it up on foursquare and it was Tracey's
  • Me: well i looked up the email so just let me know if you need me to print it again for you
  • Alex: yes please print it out again
  • and give it to me tonight
  • i'll scan it in to my computer
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